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Polyethylene wax
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Polyethylene wax

Name:Polyethylene wax
Details :

Standard number of product:Q/RLH002-2004
Technical index:
1. Appearance:White powder
2. Viscosity average molecular weight:7500-8000 
3. Softening point:102℃±1(upon on molecular weight)
4. Property:nontoxic, no special smell, noncorrosive, high melting point and chemical stability

Range of usage
1. Used as inner dispersant in color base granule processing.
2. Used as lubricant for PVC material, pipe and plastic processing.
4. Used in the production of all kinds of heat melt glue and adhesives.

5. Widely used in the production of wax products like floor wax, automobile wax and candle.

Package: 25kg of polypropylene knitting bag lined with polyethylene film.

Storage: Stored in cool,dry and ventilating place.

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