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Company Culture
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Company Culture

Enterprise purpose: grow together, share success

We grow with our employees to achieve the pursuit of the cause of the staff, the affirmation and transcendence of the self - to create opportunities for employees
We grow with our customers and share the joy of asset appreciation with our customers - create value for our customers
Partners together to grow, resource sharing, complementary advantages, strong combination, build brilliant
We grow with society, promote national economic development, revitalize national scientific and technological progress - create benefits for society

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation and pragmatic and efficient

Innovation is the soul of the company, is the cause of the eternal development of the cause
Tell the truth, a real move, do practical things, practical results
Respect, respect their own career, to respect, pious mind to treat the profession, depending on their career as a vocation
Think to do, immediately hands, quickly absorbed, rapid change, rapid action

operating strategy: 
Market-oriented, product and sales as a leader, to brand and service support, based on technology research and development

Cooperation concept: team first each other primary and secondary

Management philosophy: the constraints of the culture of the system

Concept: honest, hardworking, thrifty

Learning and growth philosophy: the concept of this fast learning aimed at the rapid growth of positioning

Business operation concept: project management system to promote

Partner concept: empathy thinking service first

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